About Bon Braai

BonBraai is an innovative business that has recently introduced a new one-of-a kind braai into the braaing, grilling and barbequing community.

BonBraai launched at the Getaway Show in September 2017 over National Heritage Day “National Braai Day”.

Our main product is the BonBraai. The BonBraai is a unique table top braai that can be used on any surface, plastic, glass, wood or on the tailgate of your bakkie.
BonBraai being portable is ideal for campers, caravaners, outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, hunters or for those who love exploring and braaing in remote parts of the world.
The BonBraai can also be used on the balconies, verandas or decks of homes, apartment complexes and flats.

The BonBraai Charcoal bowl holds a maximum of 35 briquettes. The amount of briquettes used can be easily adjusted to suit the amount of food that needs to be braaied, grilled or barbequed.  Lumpwood charcoal, Namibian hardwood charcoal and wood can also be used on the BonBraai.

Mission & Vision

BonBraai aims to be a market leader in portable braais and would like to offer everyone the opportunity to unite around a braai anywhere, anytime and on any surface. BonBraai is looking to expand our market reach through a network of people and businesses looking to provide a solution to the braaing, grilling and barbequing industry in South Africa and around the world.


The BonBraai is sold with Optional Quality Accessories which include:

  • The Volcano Braai Pan for frying and grilling, ideal for Breakfasts and Paellas.
  • The Bon Lid for roasting and smoking.
  • The Bon Spacer for increasing the height of the grid or the Bon Lid.
  • The Bon Table a portable steel table with adjustable aluminium Crutcher legs.
  • The Bon Bag, two options of bags, a canvas bag with one compartment or a Rip stop bag with two compartments.
  • The Bon Shield a shield placed into the braai that shields the coal from wind.

The BonBraai and all the optional accessories makes braaing, grilling, barbequing, cooking, roasting, smoking, or frying at home, in the bush or on the road a pleasant journey and experience.

BonBraai Specs

The BonBraai is a lightweight stainless steel, 5kg, circular design that makes transporting, setup and cleaning fast and easy.

  • Braai on any surface area.
  • Lightweight 5kgs, 45cm diameter, 645 squared cooking area.
  • Three snug fitting Stainless Steel parts that allow for easy assembly and easy cleaning.
  • Stainless steel austenitic material is used to produce the BonBraai. The material used is a high grade stainless steel which is very similar in structure to Stainless Steel grade 304 which is non-magnetic and rust proof.
  • The BonBraai comes with a 5 year warrantee on the grid.
  • Proudly made in South Africa.

Some benefits to using the BonBraai Include :

  • A flame free braaing experience as the fat drips on to a solid bowl and has no air around it.
  • The braai is completely portable and allows you to place your braai exactly where you want it, no more having to use the public braai facilities that are often far away, dirty or broken.
  • The braai doesn’t mess charcoal or ash on the floor or area around the braai.
  • You are able to move the braai while lit and going.
  • Setup within seconds of arriving at a location
  • The fire takes between 15 – 30 minutes to light.
  • Charcoal saving as the shallow bowl requires much less charcoal for the right temperature for braaing, grilling or barbequing.
  • Lighting the fire usually only needs one fire lighter per braai.
  • No moving parts making it extremely durable and easy to clean.
  • The round shape makes cleaning much easier as there no is no corners for the marinade and fat to get into.
  • When catering for large amounts of people you can use the braai to add elements to your meals, for example one can use their kettle braai to cook a roast and while the roast is going you can use the BonBraai for your steaks, chops and whatever else you want to braai, grill or Barbeque.