Some of the lucky people who have had the pleasure of experiencing the BonBraai


"Not bulky easy to clean. You can put it on any surface and use so little charcoal. Best buy ever."

Emil Nel

"Can braai on any surface - easy to take anywhere!!"

Tersia Clemen Schneider

"So advanced, yet so simple! Can braai on any surface, light and easy to take anywhere. Love it!"

Joel Shepherd

"Fabulous product!! And it's true you can pick it up when the braai is cooking hot!!"

Margie Gregory Millar

"Such a handy little braai! Great for road trips and easy to clean!"

Nic Lytwynchuk

"Quick and easy braaing. Perfect for camping and fishing excursions."

Devan Payne

"A pleasure doing business, what a great product."

Michael Hornsey